Styling It Right!

If you’ve completed step 1, you now know the size and thickness of the artwork you want framed, as well as the width of the frame molding that appeals to you. The next step is to find a frame profile that best meets your sense of style or that of your target audience. Our standard solid koa frames have rabbets or pockets that are just slightly over 1/2″ deep, approximately 9/16″. That’s enough depth to insert most standard flat print artworks, which would include a 1/8″ thick piece of glazing (glass or plexiglass), a mat board, photograph or art paper, and 1/4″ backer.   If you need deeper pockets choose from our taller moldings, or email us with your specifications and let us fashion a frame just for you. 

The HBOX – Boxed Series

Hoohie’s BOXED frame profiles are ideal for that squared, modern, industrial, clean-no-nonsense look.  

HBOX - Series

THE HRAD – Half Radius

Hoohie’s HALF-RADIUS profiles are a blend of the modern and contemporary.  They provide clean, professional look. On wider-bodied frames the flat surface is ideal for engraving or applying a plaque.

HRAD-Half Radius
HRAD - Half-Radius Series

The HTNB -Thumbnail Series

The most familiar styling for Koa frames. The go to profile when you can’t make up your mind. Contemporary and somewhat traditional. 

HTNB Thumbnail Series

THE HCRB – Curved-Back Series

A very traditional style, popular among watercolor enthusiasts. 

HCRB Curved Back Series

>1 1/4″ TALL X 7/8″ Wide Profiles

 Taller profiles for thicker, 3-D works, floating flat pieces or for  canvases up to 7/8″ thick. 

Hoohie TALL series 7/8"W x 1 1/4" Tall with 7/8" deep pockets
Hoohie TALL series 7/8"W x 1 1/4" Tall with 7/8" deep pockets

The following specialty moldings below are available by custom order only.

(email us)

HFLT: 5/8"W x Custom height floater frame for stretched canvases (molding height and mounting insert location are customizable)

The Wave is called that because it looks like the ocean swells building up and peaking

Wave Profile: HWAV
HWAV: 2"W x 1" Tall, Wave shaped molding

The Wing is referred to as such because it looks like the sweeping wing span of a gull gliding over the ocean. 

HWNG: 2"W x 1" Tall, Wing shaped molding
HBOXCUST: 7/8"W x Custom heights. Used in deep shadow boxes and flag boxes.
HRADCUST: 7/8"W x heights to 4", Used for Flag boxes and deep shadow boxes
HTNBCUST: 7/8"W x Custom heights. Used in deep shadow boxes and flag boxes.
15-degree pitched molding.
routing picture frame molding
HDUKCUST: Duck Shaped molding, 2" Height x 1"W

Art, photography, solid Hawaiian Koa picture frame, Shadow boxes, gift boxes and more.

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