E’ Komo Mai

We Are … Artists In Hawaii!  

It’s been sixteen years since we started this journey as photographer and framer. Estelle is still snapping away and I do more with Hawaiian Koa than just picture frames. We last did minor work to our websites 7 or 8 years ago. Times have changed and we have finally revamped them all to accommodate today’s desktops, tablets. and mobile phones. With that in mind, we decided to combine both our photography and koa woodworking sites along with a shopping cart to make it easier for our customers to pick, choose, and order. Of course, you can still call or email us for personalized ordering! That’s always going to be a pleasure for us to do! If you just want to enjoy looking at Estelle’s pictures, that’s fine, too!


Regardless of the why and/or how you got here, we welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit. Mahalo!


Art, photography, solid Hawaiian Koa picture frame, Shadow boxes, gift boxes and more.

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