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We are Estelle and Dennis and we are, artists in Hawaii!

16 years ago, in 2004, we started on this journey of arts and crafts and registered this domain along with “” and “” with the hopes of creating a place for artists to gather and show off their works. That’s where the name “Artists in Hawaii” came from. We approached a few artists that we knew back then but no one showed interest then. Ultimately, it didn’t pan out quite the way we imagined as life got in the way for us and others, as well.  BUT! Here we are! Estelle and I. At least,  we made it all the way to 2020!

Estelle arrived from Paris, France in 2002, immediately fell in love with the islands and has been photographing the islands professionally since 2004, with particular emphasis on Oahu, where she has lived these past 18 years.  16 years ago, we tied the knot as husband and wife and framer and photographer and I have been steadily improving my humble skills as a koa framer, woodworker and craftsman.

The love we both have for our work, you’ll find, is proudly displayed in our products.

Art, photography, solid Hawaiian Koa picture frame, Shadow boxes, gift boxes and more.

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